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4 Alternatives to Those Who Don't Go to University - Kaya - 03-24-2019

Education & Career
Hi friends, I've come across a lot here. I did not have the opportunity to read how can I have a profession? Someone who doesn't go to college can hold on to life? I've seen dozens of questions on this site that I'm going to tell you the ways to move somewhere without going to university.

1- Going to the vocational courses in the state
4 Alternatives to Those Who Don't Go to University
You can say this elderly aunt and uncle in Turkey goes beyond a certain age he stayed. I have personally gone, and I know someone who has a certificate. There are professional teachers in the business of small classes that are very stable with hundreds of sections and substitute courses. Even if you do not come to the course you are also fond of the trainees. Teachers who come from a surplus of school can have a career in people who have arrived in business life and can lead you to work in their own company or other companies in the same department with reference to you at the end of the course. Also the certificates of these courses are valid in Kpss because they are M.E.B approved.

So how do we apply?
If you need to give an example from ISMEK, we are entering this site first. Then click on the register button above when we ask a few details from our members and this time we start our site in the appropriate hours and days to investigate the course we want to go. Is there a course here? I don't think so, let me tell you a lesson about clock repair. What do we do after we found our course? When we contact there and create a pre-registration, the system automatically saves us to the course. Later on, we will be able to go to our mobile phone for a short period of time. The rest is up to you.

2- Going to private vocational courses
4 Alternatives to Those Who Don't Go to University
This is a very important point that you should be aware of the course where you are going to have a definite idea that the course M.E.B approved certification, this course has a web site related to the company and the cost of the course should not exceed your budget. As an extra of special courses, I can say that it is close to your home and may be more flexible. You work for example. You can only find a special course at the weekend, but you may not find the course you want in those days. There are advantages like this.

3- You always have a 2nd or 3rd alternative
4 Alternatives to Those Who Don't Go to University
I'll try to revive the memory of you with examples to make this clearer. If you get a driver's license, for example, it will give you the opportunity to specialize in driving, and you will write an extra skill when preparing cv for your work. The same applies to diplomas such as foreign languages, ten finger keyboard, computer programs. Do not think that this will not work in your targeted profession, but you will see the benefit. Especially in our next topic KPSS.

In addition, these diplomas can help you in your business life as well as direct professional help you. For example, a chauffeur, a publishing house, a desk secretary. I think we should not forget the special security certificate which is now very popular. Business opportunities in many areas.

4- The place where Zurna called ZSA
4 Alternatives to Those Who Don't Go to University
This is actually our last period or an extra goal while working. Do not integrate your life completely according to KPSS result. If you have been successful you say you have received a good score later in the period you will wait, you will apply for interviews, you will go to interviews these times will be the time of your life and at the same time you will understand a financial burden in these times to avoid the empty of the courses mentioned above to get an introduction to the private sector Do not drop your salary, even if the drip. At least if you are going to enter KPSS if you survive that period with the least damage.

You will say that the university graduates of KPSS will be our chance there as well;
Most of the university graduates are entering the undergraduate level KPSS and will not affect you. Your main competitors will be vocational high school graduates and associate degree graduates. If you get a good score in the exam, you will understand the value of the course completion documents. In addition, KPSSĀ entered a beautiful score, but I have nothing but high school diplomas do not worry about those exam results are valid up to the other exam for 2 years so you have not enough time to get even 2-3 documents.

I think it's a memoir from the writer,
I wanted to share this with you in particular. Me